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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Motivated

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When it comes to getting motivated to develop a creative habit, there’s no single right approach. However, there are strategies that you can apply once you figure out what makes you uniquely you.

The better you understand yourself, the easier it will be to get motivated-- whether we are talking about art, work or health related habits.

These tidbits of wisdom are adapted from Gretchen Rubin’s book“B...

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What Your Art Collection Says About You

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As well as brightening up our living room, our choice of art also reflects our interests and personality. Having original art in your home is a powerful way of stating who you are to the world. Art is a conversation starter, and a powerful way of spreading positive messages.

Express Yourself

When you surround yourself with art that expresses your personal tastes, it turns your home into a sanctuary...

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What’s In A Name: How I Title My Art

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When collectors see my work on display, they always comment how my art makes them feel both calm and happy at the same time. The beauty of this reaction is that it happens to be how I want my art to make people feel.

It has taken years to hone the skills to create this feeling through the use of colors, subject matter, and texture,

My art practice has developed as a personal means of processing and...

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Photographing Your Art (a step by step guide)

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Since a picture is worth a thousand words, for visual artists and other product-based businesses, this could also mean thousands of dollars! Getting the images you need of your artwork is not difficult to do. Here’s a step by step guide on how to photographs your art without fancy studio equipment.

Step 1. Get what you need: Lights, Camera, and Artwork.

You’ll need an overcast day, one that is...

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How Planning Keeps Me Productive in the Art Studio

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daily planning prompts | organization for artists | art journaling goals | goal setting for artists | How Planning Keeps Me Productive in the Art Studio + FREE printable giveaway of creative planning prompts →
I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want to create.. this is typical of creatives. In fact, Leonardo Da Vinci was known to have said that he spends as much time thinking about what he wants to paint as he did painting it. 

So that I don't spend too much time spinning my wheels, I make yearly goals and then review those goals throughout the year frequently. I also make my kids review their...

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